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Mission Statement for the Archdiocese of Miami Respect Life Apostolate Travel Ministry

Mission StatementWe proclaim that all human beings have a right to life from the moment of conception to the moment of natural death. Everyone is a child of God and reflects his spirit and sacredness.

We are committed to providing pilgrimages and religious travel programs that renew us spiritually and physically while reinforcing our beliefs through a catholic atmosphere that contributes to our overall well-being and the enthusiasm of our spiritual family.
We are committed with clarity and focus on providing funds, through these travel programs, that will further the work of the respect life apostolate.

We, the members of our travel ministry committee, dedicate our work to the blessed mother asking for her maternal guidance and protection as we strive to protect all of God’s children.

We go to God, not perfect, with all our doubts, crisis, curiosity, faith and thanksgiving...Trying to find our path and move forward with Jesus.


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